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Holistic Developmental Coaching and Integral Facilitation for professionals, leaders, and teams

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Expand your ways of being and self-author your path.
eNliven your team dynamics TO find trust, flow, and inspiration.

Executive & Senior Level Organizational Clients

Executive & Senior Level Organizational Clients


You’re intelligent, self-aware, and have even spent some time working on yourself. New possibilities are starting to emerge - you can almost see them and feel them - and yet, you are finding yourself in some frustrating, limiting patterns.

You need support to expand yourself.

You're invited into a thought-provoking and creative partnership that potentiates new avenues for development in your life. Our work together welcomes you into new ways of being for a more easeful, fulfilled, and powerful life. I offer holistic support, perspective, and guidance to people who want to shed younger, more constraining versions of themselves and self-author their lives.


thoughtful framing

Gain new perspectives on yourself, your experiences, and your habits of mind. Drawing insights from:

  • Adult Developmental Psychology

  • Social & Cultural Sciences

  • Quantum & Theoretical Physics


deep wisdom

Cultivate new life practices from the contemplative, healing, and philosophical traditions. Drawing inspiration from:

  • Meditation & Eastern Traditions

  • Energy Medicine & Nervous System

  • Integral Frameworks & Enneagram


experiential exploration

Experience new ways of being and trusting yourself through our relationship. Drawing intuition from:

  • Embodiment & Movement

  • Shadow Dynamics & Language

  • The Subtle Body & Play


For teams, groups, and co-founders who need to get more out of their relationships and are ready to have the real conversations in order to excel in their shared missions.

You need support to go deeper.

Many relationships and teams lack trust. Often this is because there isn’t enough genuine relating. When relationship is replaced with transaction we lose our ability for generative creativity and true innovation. Overtime, the energy becomes heavy, dull, stifling. People become antsy or apathetic. Central to growing trust is allowing what is most real for people, what is actually happening (yet seldom expressed), to enter the shared space of the group. Then it can be worked with and worked through. These uncomfortable conversations are where trust blossoms. When teams embrace this level of reality, relating in a genuine and expansive way, they more readily find flow, create better more robust solutions, become more innovative, and improve their ability to manage their energy. Engagement is renewed. I work with groups to liberate conflict, grow trust, build connection, and improve overall effectiveness.







I’m not there to tell you how to run your business, you know that better than I do. I’m there to help you have a better — more meaningful, more real, more liberated, and more productive conversation.

you’re invited into my humanity and expertise.

Deep work with
Dara Blumenthal, PhD

Hi there. I’m an interdisciplinarian at heart and by training. I’m interested in how I can be of most service to you by calling upon my various skillsets and experiences based upon the moment we find ourselves in together. To this end I have crafted my own unique methodology, based on a set of first principles, that flexes and flows with each individual client interaction.

I’m trained as a Sociologist (Ph.D.), Developmental Coach, Integral Facilitator, Critical Theorist (M.A.), and Usui Reiki Master. I also teach meditation and practice in a Tibetan Buddhist Lineage. I have been training my mind-body awareness formally since 2005. One of my biggest influences is Adult Developmental Psychology which is a body of research that comes out of Harvard (e.g. Robert Kegan’s and Kurt Fischer’s work). When I say ‘development’ or ‘developmental’, I am referring to that body of research and methods for actively developing the ability to handle more complexity throughout adulthood and become more whole (Consider: What is included in your identification of “I”?). My Integral Facilitator certification, which is basically Jedi training, includes conflict mediation and group dynamics. My academic work focuses on identity development, embodiment, social dynamics, and emotions.

My doctoral research is published as a book and you can read my Master’s thesis here.

Praise & Testimonials


“Dara is one of the most adept listeners I have ever worked with. In working with a variety of modalities, through intuition and attention, Dara created an environment of trust, presence, and growth which allowed me to feel a resonance that called me to more fully occupy the space of my ancestral work while creating and holding space for all of the relationships in my life. As an advocate and teacher, I have found a new sense of power and resiliency in managing change.”

“Dara is a calming force of kindness, empathy and understanding. She leads by listening and genuinely hearing you out before adding her intellect to the discussion. During this past year of working with her, I've learned so much about how to lead in your feminine power. How to be more mindful and practiced. How to revel in the ups and downs. Dara encourages you to be your best self while constantly learning and growing her own skill set. I believe the future is female, and Dara is one sister who will help guide that culture transformation. Thank you for your strength.”

Solonje, Founder


“Dara has helped me to understand and know myself more, especially my own feelings and how they show up in my physical body. . . If you are seeking to know yourself more, Dara can guide you through that exploration to both expected and profound, unexpected places.”

Sarah, Freelancer

“Working with Dara was one of the most inspiring and growth inducing partnerships of my career. She's the perfect balance of heart and intellect, and super fun to be around. Her ability to express herself authentically instantly made me feel comfortable to be who I am around her. No detours, no frills, just truth.”


"Working with Dara was a joy. She's open and engaged, she's passionate and bright. She brought out the best in me (and my team) through her belief in our potential. She's a wonderful human who makes it effortless to move beyond the typical constraints of client relationships. She is the future of work."

Brad LANDE, SVP Global Brand & marketing

"Two words immediately come to mind when I consider what it's like working alongside Dara... brilliant and kind. These two attributes are inextricably linked within Dara's personality. The complexity and breadth of what she's capable of handling is unlike anything I've encountered in my 20+ years leading teams. She is highly capable of solving multi-dimensional problems and she becomes more engaged and alive in the face of obstacles. Her ability to listen with an open heart/mind and truly understand people allows for genuine trust to be built and breakthrough ideas emerge, almost naturally, in the presence of her leadership."

Aaron DIGNAN, Founder & author

"What can be said about Dara but that's she one of a kind? One of the most earnest, sharp, studied, empathetic, and wise colleagues I've ever known. Her writing is fantastic. Her comfort and steady hand with clients is sought after. Her partnership is intense, playful, and joyful. You need Dara. So many cultures do."




herman miller

Dara sits down (and walks around) with Joseph White, Director of Workplace Strategy, Design, and Management at Herman Miller. They discuss everything from the corruption of the cubicle to what people need and want in their workplaces today. Here are some highlights of their conversation.

culture amp

Dara sits down with Culture Amp's VP of People and Experience, Julie Rogers to talk all things People Ops: from how the function is evolving to what the world is in need of. Here are some highlights of their conversation.



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